Kamel Ghribi


"In my life, I have had the honour of coming up close to world leaders and luminaries from the political, industrial and cultural arenas. I am also privileged to call some of these people my friends; and upon reflection, I can truthfully say that I have forged close relationships with some of the most important figures of modern history. We all have one thing in common - an innate drive to move forward and an unwavering trust in our instincts that allows us to embrace the future by responding to the changes that make life so meaningful."

"Kamel Ghribi is a man who does not share the belief that there is any one secret to success. Anything he has ever achieved, be it in business or in the realms of private pursuits, has always been the result of a resolute determination to put his heart, mind and soul into everything he does, no matter how big or small it may be."

- Giorgio Giudici
Mayor of Lugano (1984 -2013)

As Long as you have a will you will find a way.

Nothing is impossible.


Strengthening Ties
in Abu Dhabi

GK Investment Holding Group' Chairman Kamel Ghribi supports bilateral economic ties between Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.




Business Philosophy

At GK Investment Holding Group we know that time is our most limited commodity. Therefore, our business philosophy is to think big and take on projects that will make the biggest impact. We do not simply engage with our clients, but aim to inspire them to do make a difference. In so doing, we hope to create a ripple effect that not only brings benefit to our activities and our clients, but that also advocates an approach to commerce that bridges the gap between developed and developing economies across myriad spheres of business.

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GK Investment Holding Group

Kamel Ghribi has had a long and prestigious career in the oil and petrochemical sector. His first major role was as Vice President of Olympic Petroleum Corporation in New York at the age of 29. At the same time, he held the position of President of Olympic Management in Italy until becoming President of Olympic Energy - a European-based energy company. In 1994, he was President of Attock Oil Company in the United Kingdom, which he sold in 2005 to devote all of his time to his new company GK Investment Holding Group based in Switzerland. GK Investment Holding Group's core structure is developing new business opportunities, and our investments are heavily biased in favour of Africa and the Middle East. We believe in the extraordinary potential of these regions and in preserving heritage and tradition when striding into the future.

Whether it be sourcing the right product or managing a global asset, GK Investment Holding Group offers expert insight to clients at all stages of any transaction and across a range of sectors. In this complex world of strategic consultancy, we take special care in working closely with our clients, helping them to capitalise and profit from new opportunities no matter what the given field.


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