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18 July 2021
Gruppo San Donato, Italy’s leading private hospital group, and Kenya sign an agreement to strengthen the East African’s local health care

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Gruppo San Donato, Italy’s largest private hospital group have signed an agreement to collaborate with the Kenyan government with the aim to enhance development of telemedicine and the construction of new and modern hospitals.

In the presence of the Italian Ambassador to Kenya, Alberto Pieri, a MoU was signed between the San Donato Group - represented by the vice president, Kamel Ghribi, Professor Gianvito Martino, the Vice Rector for Research at the Vita -Salute San Raffaele University and the Kenyan government, represented by the Minister of Health, Mutahi Kagwe.

The MoU relates to a partnership between the San Donato Group, the Vita - Salute San Raffaele University and the Kenyan Ministry of Health to provide an enhanced local health sector. With a long-term vision to guarantee universal care in Kenya and to provide improved assistance and quality services to the Kenyan population, making the East African Country a health center in the region.

Four areas of focus for the Group San Donato Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and the Kenyan government will include development and support of the Kenyan national plan for mental health with the construction of a center of excellence in Nairobi; field training and exchange of professionals and students to strengthen clinical and specialist skills; partnership on research and innovation projects such as telemedicine, among others; consultancy for development projects of the care and assistance network; construction of new and modern specialized care facilities. These eventually will become a health hub of medical excellence for Africa.

President Kamel Ghribi said “A universal health care requires regional health hubs which in turn are key geo strategic health centers on the continent. To achieve this, we need to have stronger networks of health cooperation. Today’s agreement between Italy and Kenya is a sign of long-term engagement for a better future and healthcare for all.”

Health Minister of Kenya, Mutahi Kagwe said “Kenya and GSD will collaborate on research and the implementation of mental health interventions. Our objective is to adopt the philosophy of family health for the population. Kenyans deserve quality healthcare.”

ABOUT Gruppo San Donato

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GSD is the premier provider of health services at all levels of care in all specialties for the Italian National Health System for the last fifteen years, and employs a unique model centered on clinical and academic research to provide individual-based care to everyone.

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Today, GSD employs 15,303 people including 4,092 physicians across 18 hospitals with 5,300 beds – and is first private healthcare group in Italy capable of managing 4 million patients a year.

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Being the № 1 hospital group in Italy, Gruppo San Donato is a pioneer in multiple research fields, with outstanding clinical programs and academic excellences. GSD provides diagnosis and treatment in all recognised medical fields that you would expect from a world-class healthcare system.

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According to Bloomberg’s 2019 Indexes, Italy is recognized as the 2nd healthiest country in the world, having the 4th most efficient healthcare system globally. The country’s efficient national healthcare system, strong focus on healthy eating habits, combined with prevention, promote and ensure longevity for its citizens. Besides being a front-runner in the European healthcare arena, Italy offers excellent hospitality standards and a multitude of tourist attractions.

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