13 April 2023
Rome, Italy
Iftar Dinner 2023

Philanthropist, GKSD Chairman and GSD Vice Chairman Kamel Ghribi held his annual Iftar dinner at the Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome. The theme for this year was peaceful coexistence and building bridges through interreligious cooperation, cultural solidarity and political collaboration and economic alliances with the MENA Region.


International and national dignitaries made up the 120 guests who came together in a spirit of both interreligious dialogue, political cooperation and cultural sharing. Ghribi was quoted as saying. “Tunisia is not simply a nation of problems, but of possibilities. The world needs bridge builders and dialogue, not walls. The Mediterranean needs to be united, not divided. Tunisia can be an inspiration for the region because it has shown the world even though tried by economic and health emergencies and social tensions it still has a strong, multi ethnic millennial tradition and a heritage that should be known and valued. We must create bilateral partnerships that can promote the investment, training and economic prosperity that will create a long-term solution to the problem of illegal immigration. “