10 April 2024
Milano, Italy
Agreement signed between the Galeazzi Sant’Ambrogio hospital and GKSD Engineering Development & Construction to create a VIP lounge

The new Galeazzi Sant’Ambrogio hospital is the symbol of the healthcare of the future – aesthetically beautiful, efficient, sustainable, completely dedicated to patient care and a pillar of the National Health Service – and it is the word service that is particularly close to our heart. GKSD/GSD is at the service of those who need care and come to us with in hope; hope that the their illness will be short and that the discharge from hospital decisive.
However, we also want to add something more. We want to offer patients and their families pleasant places that alleviate the strain that is inevitably generated by being in hospital.
This is why we have started work on a new lounge and wanted to involve all our employees in the project of a healthcare of the future in which care is combined with a more pleasant stay for patients and their families.