08-09 November 2023
Bucharest, Romania
Kamel Ghribi's mission: to Romania.

GKSD Chairman Kamel Ghribi ended his mission to Romania on a high note following meetings with the Hon. Marian Neacșu Vice Prime Minister; the Hon. Alexandru Rafila, Health Minister; and the Hon. Sebastian Ioan Burduja, Energy Minister. The talks were held to discuss areas of cooperation that support sustainable investment in healthcare, smart healthcare solutions, renewable energy, infrastructure and the GKSD Italian Citadel ‘Urban Lifestyle’ concept. Kamel Ghribi stated: “It was a great pleasure to discuss projects that can genuinely make an impact to help create sustainable healthcare, energy and lifestyle conditions. Through partnerships and investment we can support projects that not only bring cooperation between nations, but also bring a new confidence to Romania by defining it as a driver of economic prosperity and security for Eastern Europe and beyond.”