29 March 2021
Rome, Italy
Kamel Ghribi with Othman Jerandi Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Moez Sinaoui Tunisian Ambassador to Italy

Over the past few days I have had an opportunity to discuss the current situation in the Euro-Mediterranean basin, in particular the fundamental role of Tunisia and Libya in creating stability and prosperity in the region. I must stress the importance of investing in Tunisia in a way that creates tangible projects that will provide employment opportunities for the young and highly educated population. Investment projects across all sectors not only create jobs but also generate wealth; with wealth comes stability and with stability democracy can be safeguarded and extremism quashed. Its vicinity to Libya makes Tunisia ideally positioned to become a special partner to the EU.


Furthermore, the strong historical ties Tunisia has both with Libya and Europe makes it the perfect mediator between the North Africa and Europe.  Once the EU accepts that only a strong and independent Libya has the economic power to stem the flow of migration towards the North then work can be done to invest and strengthen the region, which is ultimately the only solution to the EU immigration problem.