07 May 2024
Katovice, Poland
Healthcare, GSD grows in Poland with acquisition of Scanmed

GKSD Chairman Kamel Ghribi landed in Poland to attend the European Economic Congress – the largest business event in Central Europe. During the inauguration Kamel Ghribi met with Ursula von der Leyen President of the European Commission and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. The GKSD Chairman used this forum to highlight the importance of a number of priority issues such as the fundamental importance of optimising the use of public funds in strategic investment strategies in a way that appeals to both private and institutional investors. He believes that in this way, EU states can scale up and strengthen their economies to face the challenges of climate change, energy challenges and global competitiveness through cooperation, technology, expansion, sustainable investment and pan-European healthcare hubs.

Having acquired the comprehensive multi-specialist medical care hospital group the American Heart of Poland Group in 2023, GKSD/GSD announced, during a special press conference, that it has now acquired the Scanmed Group - a leading medical provider in primary health care, modern diagnostics and specialist outpatient and inpatient treatment. Kamel Ghribi commented: ‘We are convinced that with the support of GKSD/GSD we can develop the Polish medical infrastructure, offer expert staff training and promote the level of scientific research that will make AHP and Scanmed, not only leaders in their fields, but also the centre of a pan-European hub for state-of-the-art healthcare services. Public/Private hybrid systems allow for more financing which in turn radically boosts medical research, generates talent and builds up the public healthcare system through a marked improvement in the quality and availability of medical services in Poland.”