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25 July 2019
GSD vice president Kamel Ghribi leads Botswanan health and wellness minister Dr. Alfred Madigele’s official delegation on a guided tour of GSD healthcare structures in Milan

GSD Vice President Kamel Ghribi leads Botswanan Health and Wellness Minister Dr. Alfred Madigele’s Official Delegation on a guided tour of GSD Healthcare Structures in Milan. Newly appointed Vice President of Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato Mr. Kamel Ghribi was honoured to lead the Botswanan Health Minister Dr. Alfred Madigele and his group of delegates on a guided tour of GSD’s San Donato Polyclinic and Research Hospital in Milan.

The two day visit was set up during talks held in Botswana with the President various cabinet members during which Vice Presidents Kamel Grhibi and Paolo Rotelli extended an invitation the Health and Wellness Minister to visit the GSD Healthcare structures in Milan. The rationale behind the visit was to formulate potential areas on which to base a Memorandum of Understanding cooperation agreement that would see GSD and the Republic of Botswana collaborate on specific aspects in the field of healthcare services ranging from education, medical research and scientific research as well as specialised cross discipline care in the a variety of medical fields such as cardiology, paediatric medicine and Urology.

Furthermore, it is hoped that a framework of exchange will be developed between both parties concerning such activities as the training of healthcare professionals, exchange programmes for health care specialists and education programmes such as joint seminars and academic round table discussions.