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01 July 2018
International Cultural and Environmental Organisation (ICEO) awards - Lebanon

GK Investment Holding Group Chairman Kamel Ghribi was delighted to become involved as a major sponsor of the International Cultural and Environmental Organization (ICEO). This non-profit NGO is a Lebanese based initiative that is aimed at creating an inspiring vision for the upcoming young generation eager for change. The ICEO provides focus through pioneering a vision and creates job opportunities through workspaces and international platforms.

The talents selected through such events as the awards ceremony will selected receive support, media coverage and recognition. Ever keen to help the younger generation press forward even in the light of difficulties, Kamel Ghribi has taken on the role of Chairman of ICEO Switzerland and hopes that his sponsorship of the ICEO Awards in Lebanon will help to provide network opportunities for a generation eager for change. A great number of dignitaries, diplomats, journalists and luminaries from the Arab cultural arena also lent their support to this noble initiative.