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20 December 2023
Italy’s San Donato to establish hospital of ‘high international standards’ in Libya soon

Italy’s San Donato Hospital Group is to establish a hospital with high specifications, operating according to the highest internationally agreed standards in Libya soon.

The news was revealed by the Department of Support and Development of Medical Services (DSDMS) last Sunday after Ahmed Mlitan, head of the (DSDMS), accompanied by the Director General of the Organisation for the Development of Administrative Centres (ODAC), Ibrahim Taketeh, held an expanded meeting at ODAC’s headquarters with a medical delegation representing Italy’s San Donato Hospital Group.

The DSDMS reported that the San Donato Hospital Group’s delegation arrived in Tripoli Saturday and includes an elite group of specialists in several fields in the health sector.

The meeting was held in the presence of several Libyan hospital and health centre directors, and an accompanying team from the DSDMS, and with the participation of the General National Authority for Organ, Tissue and Cell Transplantation, the National Cancer Control Authority, and the Libyan Company for the Management of Participation Projects with the Sector (PPP).

Establish new international standard hospital
During the meeting, the needs and shortcomings needed by the health sector in Libya were discussed, and it was agreed to establish a hospital with high specifications, operating according to the highest internationally agreed standards.

To be implemented after a short period
Commenting on the project proposal, Mlitan said it is to be implemented after a short period, to be compatible with modern developments. He said the use of a medical clinic management system contributes to improving work efficiency, saving time and effort, improving the quality of health care, and the easy and quick communication between doctors, nurses, administrative authorities, and patients.

The new hospital proposal, the DSDMS said, is part of the efforts to improve quality and meet the needs of the Libyan health sector. It added that the attendees confirmed their support for the government’s treatment localization programme, and that this meeting strengthens the DSDMS’s plans for the project to ‘‘restore life’’ by localizing treatment with the support of the Tripoli based Libyan government.