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15 July 2020
GK Chairmam Kamel Ghribi meets African and MENA region ambassadors in Rome

GK Investment Holding Group Chairman Kamel Ghribi set up a series of productive meetings with a number of Ambassadors in Rome in order to present and analyse investment approaches designed to reinforce long-term economic, political and cultural relations between GK Investment Holding Group, GSD with Africa and the MENA region.

The aim of the investment approach was to create significant projects that will endure in the long-term. The Chairman used his time to discuss forthcoming projects in such areas as education, healthcare, tourism, energy and infrastructure and asserted the need for partners that will facilitate bilateral agreements in these sectors aimed at bringing great mutual benefit and economic prosperity to each respective nation.

During discussions with H.E. Zanebu Tadesse Woldetsadik the Ethiopian Ambassador, he stressed the significant responsibility her nation has being the seat of the African Union HQ, which greatly influences African affairs in general. High on the agenda for discussion with all of the Ambassadors in Rome was the potential for creating exchange programmes and how to avoid African and MENA region ‘brain drains’ in such areas as education and healthcare, as a well-educated and healthy population is key to the future prosperity for all nations.

As well as the Ethiopian Ambassador, Kamel Ghribi also hosted meetings at his private suite with the Turkish, Nigerian, Mozambican, Ugandan, Tunisian, Egyptian, Algerian and Jordanian Ambassadors to discuss a number of Africa and MENA region project initiatives he will present at the International Forum he is organising in Milan with major Italian think-tank The European House – Ambrosetti in October 2020.