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28 July 2020
Official visit to the new GSD Galeazzi Hospital construction site in Milan

Official Visit to the New GSD Galeazzi Hospital Construction Site in Milan. Following the forced pause in building works due to COVID-19 GK Chairman and GSD Healthcare Middle East President Kamel Ghribi made an official visit to the Milan construction site of the new state-of-the-art Galeazzi hospital.

This architecturally and environmentally innovative hospital of the future will be a beacon of technology, research and teaching that will unite all of the GSD areas of medical excellence under one roof. The Director of Works informed GK Chairman Kamel Ghribi that once completed; this pioneering structure will be the highest hospital in Europe at 90m in height and an entirely self-contained building; thus optimising resources and enabling access to immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Kamel Ghribi also made a point of thanking the engineers, architects and construction workers who have come together with GSD in the most difficult of circumstances to make sure that the new Galeazzi Hospital becomes a symbol of modern healthcare.