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05 May 2022
Tunisia, Ghribi: “We must emerge more independent from the Ukrainian crisis”

“The Ukrainian crisis has had an impact on grain supplies, not only in my country. It is, therefore, a global issue, not a Tunisian one. The lesson that we, as Tunisians, can draw from it is the same that Europeans have too. derived from this story: autonomy and independence, shortening of value chains, are an essential element for the stability of democracies and for their strength in the international context. We must be as independent as possible “. This was stated, speaking with Adnkronos about the situation in Tunisia, by Kamel Ghribi, Tunisian, president of Gksd Investment Holding and vice president of the San Donato Group. “The Sahel is also suffering a lot and we must also think about the peoples for us brothers”, he stressed. “Unfortunately – he recalled – this crisis comes after another, the health one, which had already weakened the global economies, and which also had very serious consequences in our country. For me it is a source of satisfaction and pride to say that both like Gksd and as Gruppo San Donato, we have given a great hand to my country with equipment of masks, fans, oxygen in the most acute moments of the pandemic crisis “. Ghribi underlined how “our support, coming from a private group, has been added to the support and friendship of the Italian State, and for this we must thank the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio. All this is a reflection of a truly excellent level of relations, as the Italian ambassador in Tunis, Lorenzo Fanara said, and as I feel I can confirm. A relationship that is bearing fruit also in the management of migratory flows from Tunisia, as evidenced by the decrease of more than 15% from the beginning of the year to today compared to the same period in 2021. The collaboration with Italy, with the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese and with all of the Italian State is truly at an extraordinary level “. As for the actions to be considered as priorities in Tunisia, “ in my opinion they must be investments in agriculture and, given that we are lucky enough to wake up with the sun and go to bed with the sun, in solar energies to strengthen our energy independence. Therefore – said the Tunisian businessman – to support the President’s efforts for reforms in this very difficult phase in which the electoral consultations will take place. Also because these reforms are an essential constraint in the relationship with the International Monetary Fund. We must not be convinced that is a link that concerns only the International Monetary Fund and Tunisia because whenever an entity or an institution grants funding, it asks for a benchmark of results. The same happened for example for the funds for the European Recovery Plan for the benefit of countries who received them and asked for reforms “. “On a strategic level – finally – I believe that Tunisia must increasingly strengthen its relationship with the European Union and, within it, with Italy’s closest neighbor and friend. I want to be very clear: the security of Tunisia is not only a Tunisian national interest but also of Italy and Europe since the stability of Tunisia is an essential element of the stability and security of the Mediterranean region and is an element of security for the entire European Union. ready to work, through a serious neighborhood policy with the European Union. I personally will continue to put all my commitment in this direction and I will do it with great passion and love for my country and also for Italy which binds me a deep bond of friendship “.