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15 December 2021
Kamel Ghribi Talks Success, Politics and the Future of Tunisia

One of the most successful businessmen in the Arab world, Kamel Ghribi is a keen participant in ongoing dialogues about the future of Tunisia. His wealth of experience in the world of business along with his in-depth understanding of both domestic and international politics uniquely positions him as a key figure at the crossroads between the public and private sectors.

In a recently-aired interview, Ghribi shared his opinions on the various strategies which he believes ought to be employed in order to boost economic growth, employment rates and public services.

Stressing that his own success came from a life of hard work, determination and a drive to improve both his personal circumstances as well as those of his fellow Tunisians, Ghribi implored his countrymen to focus on solidarity and adopt an attitude of joint responsibility when it comes to enhancing all walks of life in Tunisia.


When asked about his thoughts on encouraging more international investment in Tunisia, Ghribi admitted that the current situation is a difficult one. This despite Tunisia being strategically located between Europe and Africa; a continent on the rise as an upcoming major player in the global economy. Ghribi believes that in order to encourage increased investment, the relationship between the private and public sectors needs to improve, as well as the overall stability and security of the country.

Ghribi strongly emphasises the need for Tunisians to come together to improve education, health and cooperation in the country, which would make Tunisia more attractive for international investors.