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Kamel Ghribi Success

Success rarely happens overnight but is the accumulation of many triumphs and failures down the years. Success only comes with much effort and hard work and is not dependent on a privileged education; it is characterised by self-belief, seizing opportunities, and the confidence to follow your instinct and say ‘I can’ even in the face of opposition. Success embraces change even if it means forcing you out of your comfort zone. The price of success is hard graft, dedication, commitment, and much personal sacrifice. Yet success cannot be achieved without the right support, love and faith provided by those who believes when others do not and those who champion us during our darkest moments. Success is needs leadership with a vision and someone able to look forward and envision possibilities. Without a strong team ready to share your view of the future and help you to build it success will be elusive. The road to success is never the road of least resistance and is always the one less travelled.