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Africa is a great continent full of resources.

Africa is a great continent full of resources. The most important resource, as we move into the future, is the people of Africa.  We cannot separate the people from the land and Africans can no longer be expected to stand by silently while the world exploits their resources and prospers unscrupulously on their unlimited assets.

We must work to give back to Africa its well-deserved position on the global stage this time as an equal not in subservience.  Africa must fulfill its destiny as an effective force in global affairs and we owe it to Africans to help them achieve this.  Many mistakes were made in the past that are a source of shame to us today but the time has come to move beyond the pain of the past and look towards a conflict-free future.

Africa can teach us the art of tolerance and the hope that reconciliation brings.  We can work together in the spirit of forgiveness for the new generation by making sure that our presence in Africa is as welcome guests and that our intentions are honorable and no longer motivated by greedy exploitation.