12 March 2023
Baghdad, Iraq
GKSD Investment Holding and the Ministry of Electricity, Republic of Iraq signed a framework of cooperation in Baghdad

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and GKSD Investment Holding Group. The Holding is led by Kamel Ghribi and is active across various fields such as healthcare, energy and infrastructure.

A key component of the Mou is the production of energy from alternative sources and electricity for the Republic of Iraq and is an opportunity to strengthen the strong relations between Italy and the Republic of Iraq. This engagement between the two sides also resulted in the decision to quickly launch a working group to implement the terms of the agreement.

The visit to Iraq is part of the economic diplomacy project pursued by Kamel Ghribi, in the belief that this channel of cooperation between countries, including through the private sector, can strategically contribute to public and institutional diplomacy and better position Italian companies globally.

During the visit, GKSD President Kamel Ghribi met with a large number of senior Iraqi state officials, led by Prime Minister Muhammad Shia' Al-Sudani and a number of ministers.