22 May 2024
Basra, Iraq
GKSD President Kamel Ghribi, and the Minister of Health, Dr. Saleh Mahdi Al-Hasnawi signed a contract in Basra

GKSD President Kamel Ghribi, together with the  Minister of Health, Dr. Saleh Mahdi Al-Hasnawi signed a contract today that will see GSD start-up, operate and manage the 429 bed al Sayyab Teaching Hospital in Basra. In so doing, GKSD/GSD are supporting the Iraq Government's healthcare framework for the future and bringing Italian healthcare excellence in training, management and maintenance to the people of Iraq. Also present at the signing were Technical Deputy Minister, Dr. Hani Moussa Al-Aqabi, the Director-General of Basra Health, Dr. Abbas Khalaf Al-Tamimi and a number of General Directors in the ministry.
This is the second hospital in Iraq that GKSD/GSD will manage and operate in an aim to bring Iraqi hospitals towards modern European systems, also in terms of health services and staff training.
GKSD/GSD President Kamel Ghribi commented that "the contract will be a starting point for increasing the volume of cooperation not only  between Italy and Iraq in the health sector and other sectors, but lead the way for European cooperation as a whole."