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26 October 2018
EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani visits the San Raffaele hospital in Milan

President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani was visited the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan on the 29th of October. GK Investment Holding Chairman Kamel Ghribi was on hand to welcome President Tajani and accompany him on a tour of the hospital facilities in the wake of the announcement that 120 Million euros will be invested in research and development at this medical pole of excellence in Milan.

The EU President was particularly impressed by the lessons that can be taken back to his counterparts at the European Parliament in the research, therapy and care given to young patients suffering from Adenosine Deaminase Deficiency. The Director of the San Raffaele Institute Mr. Luigi Naldini will address the challenges faced in treating such highly complex genetic diseases at a conference being organised by the European Parliament on the 27th November.

Asserting the fact that ‘we have a responsibility and duty to attend to the healthcare needs of everyone’ President Tajani announced that the EU will set aside a tranche of funds dedicated to the promotion and development of scientific research. GK Investment Holding Group Chairman Kamel Ghribi stated that the private sector also has a duty to invest in safeguarding the health of future generations through corporate sponsorship and investment initiatives.