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16 November 2017
GK Chairman visits Abu Dhabi on health care mission

GK Investment Holding Group Chairman Kamel Ghribi was invited to meet the Honourable Minister of Heath & Prevention His Excellency AbdulRahman Bin Mohamed Al Owais. Also present during the meeting was the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health & Prevention Dr. Mohammed Salim Al Olama and President of the Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato, Dr. Paolo Rotelli.

Although the agenda of the meeting was confidential, Chairman Kamel Ghribi stated: " I have always held the many wonderful achievements of the United Arab Emirates in the highest regard I have always held your nation’s many wonderful achievements in many different sectors in the highest esteem, however, even I was profoundly impressed by just how progressive and avant garde your health care system is.

As the Minister for Health and Prevention you must indeed be both proud and honoured to be such an integral part of the success of such a unique model of clinical excellence and prevention. For our part, Dr. Rotelli and Dr. Gastaldi Rotelli can see much scope for the exchanging of skills between the San Donato Hospital Group medical professionals and researchers with the teams under your Ministry’s supervision.