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07 July 2020
GK Chairmam Kamel Ghribi meets italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in Rome

During his recent trip to Rome GK Investment Holding Chairman Kamel Ghribi was delighted to meet with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the Minister of the Interior the Hon. Luciana Lamorgese. The informal meeting was held at the Prime Minister’s office and top of the agenda was the question of how best to strengthen relations between Italy, Africa and the MENA region during the delicate post COVID-19 restart phase.

The GK Chairman shared his belief that a focus on creating healthcare hubs in the MENA region is of critical importance, not only in terms of care and cure, but also in terms of the efficient management of the inevitable future pandemics the EU and MENA regions will face together. Through close collaboration and communication a strong healthcare system would allow EU MENA and African governments to adopt countermeasures designed to spot potential pandemics early thus permitting them to be dealt with swiftly.

The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated our fates are linked today as never before not just as Mediterranean neighbours but also by the fact that the MENA region is the ideal bridge to Africa that can serve as a starting point to address the healthcare needs of Africa. Using his experience as President of GSD Healthcare Middle East, Kamel Ghribi also stated that we can use this post COVID-19 period to reinvent Healthcare systems and find ways to overcome the bureaucratic inefficiencies and institutional red tape that slow down the efforts of governments, businesses, communities and individuals in their efforts to build a new and healthier future, not just in Italy, Africa and the MENA region, but also across the European Union.