09 February 2023
Milan, Italy
"MIND" Milano Innovation District

It was my great pleasure to attend the ‘MIND’ (Milano Innovation District) conference in Milan. This wonderful project confirms Milan’s innovative approach to urbanisation and infrastructure. I was delighted to chat to the Hon. Matteo Salvini Infrastructure Minister, who opened the address with the theme: ‘How to continue with the advancement of the ‘MIND Project and Institutional Synergies." I also had a brief but fruitful chat to the Hon. Giancarlo Giorgetti Minister of the Economy and Finance and Education Minister, the Hon.Giuseppe Valditara.  
If we want our economies to grow and our nations to become stronger it will never happen by chance.  Results are the consequences of people, such as the honourable ministers, joining forces with businesses and institutions to work together in the name of progress. The MIND project is an example of exactly how a vision when given the right institutional and financial support can bring great prosperity, not only to a city, but to the region and nation as a whole.