10-09 March 2021
GSD Middle East President Heads Delegation to Egypt

GSD Middle East President Kamel Ghribi headed a delegation on an official visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt. He was accompanied by Mr. Paolo Rotelli, President of the San Raffaele Vita-Salute University as well as a delegation from his medical and technical team. The delegates engaged in a series of meetings with a number of officials, politicians and statesmen to discuss the importance of investment in Egypt in general, and in healthcare specifically. The GSD Healthcare President pointed out that consistent investment not only propels an economy during moments of uncertainty, but combined with investment in healthcare it also creates social cohesion, security and progress.
The official visit saw Kamel Ghribi and the delegates travel between Cairo (and the new administrative city), Sharm El-Sheikh, El Alamein and many other regions. The GSD President was especially struck by the rapidity and speed of progress in construction and infrastructure, and praised the enlightened and highly shrewd policy that is being pursued by the Egyptian Government to encourage reliable investment on the one hand, and the decentralisation of power on the other, that aims to raise the profile of all regions thus serving the collective interest of the nation in addition to promoting Egypt's reputation as an economic powerhouse in the region. Egypt is once again setting an example and rising to the challenge of innovative construction and administration streamlining with the characteristic national tenacity that created the miracle of the py ramids.  
Kamel Ghribi also expressed his intention to invest in healthcare projects in Egypt and to develop projects that allow the skills and experience of the GSD group to be transferred to Egyptian MDs and medical staff – an intention that was much appreciated by the Egyptian delegation present during the official visit.