12 February 2021
Rome, Italy
Exchange of thoughts with the Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs

Chairman Kamel Ghribi was delighted to exchange thoughts with the Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Muhammad Taher Siala on a number of issues, in particular the current situation regarding Covid-19 as well as opportuites to enrich bilateral cooperation between Libyan and Italian health institutions. Particular attention was given to the idea of intesifying targeted investments in areas such as education and infrastructure as Libya is and always has been Europe's gateway to the continent of African and the Middle East.During the same trip he was honoured to have met the Vice President of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, First Lieutenant General Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo. Subjects up for discussion included the current economic developments, political developments and security situation in the Middle East. Another top priority was the healthcare situation and the urgent need for Sudan to gain access to vaccines as well as prevention measures and effective drugs. Further discussions were undertaken to explore possibilities for cooperation between GSD and GK Investment Holding Group for strategic investments in the field of communications and infrastructure that would bring great benefit to the Republic of Sudan.