Chairman Kamel Ghribi Visits San Raffaele Paediatric Ward

News - 14/09/2018

Since its establishment, the San Raffaele paediatric ward has provided world-class care for seriously ill children.
In his quest to raise awareness of this centre of excellence and garner support to allow the medical team to meet the new challenges faced every day, GK Investment Holding Chairman Mr. Kamel Ghribi has made it his mission to see businesses become more active in philanthropic fundraising.

Having GK Investment Holding Group become involved in charitable initiatives offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to help improve the quality of life for sick children and their families, who often have to travel for many reach the San Raffaele Paediatric Wing for treatment.

Indeed, it is Chairman Kamel Ghribi’s firm opinion that through philanthropic activities and fundraising through sponsorship, businesses can help to fund services that ease the burden on families having to cope with the intense emotional stress that serious illness brings.

Witnessing first-hand the range of high quality care offered by the paediatric team and meeting the parents and families of the children under its care was a humbling and revelatory experience.