18 August 2001
Libya, Libya
Charlie Rose interview with Colonel Gheddafi

In August 2001, one of the most significant historical events took place on United States T.V.

Following much behind the scenes wrangling, Kamel Ghribi managed to arrange an exceptional interview with Libyan ruler Colonel Gheddafi for Charlie Rose, the renowned U.S. T.V. journalist.

The interview was set up in a bid to end strained relations between the U.S. and Libya and to promote dialogue following many years of hostile relations.

The interview also gave Colonel Gheddafi the opportunity to present both himself and Libya from a different angle and allowed the American public an opportunity to hear first-hand the story of change and progress that had been taking place.

On the one hand, the Libyan Government hoped that such an interview would legitimise its regime and show the world that it was prepared to make the necessary changes, which were a prerequisite to the abolition of sanctions. On the other hand, the U.S. Government knew that the diplomatic rehabilitation of a nation considered hostile to the U.S., would take time and require an immense amount of open dialogue and political transparency.

In the final analysis, the Charlie Rose interview was a success and he recognised both publically and in the form of a private letter, that without Kamel Ghribi’s input, it would never have been possible.