10 December 2021
Milan, Italy
Kamel Ghrini Welcomes Libyan Health Minister to GSD Flagship Hospitals

GSD Vice President, Chairman of GKSD Holding and President of GSD Healthcare Middle East Kamel Ghribi, was delighted to welcome Libyan Health Minister Ali Muhammad Miftah Al-Zinat and his delegation to visit the flagship GSD hospitals in Milan, on the 9th of December 2021. 
The Libyan Health Minister was accompanied by a delegation representing the Ministries of Health and Education and paid a visit to the IRCCS San Donato University Polyclinic where he met leading cardiovascular specialists including the cardiac surgeon Lorenzo Menicanti, the arrhythmologist Carlo Pappone and the paediatric cardiologist Mario Carminati. The delegation also paid a visit to the IRCCS San Raffaele University Hospital. 
The visit precedes a collaboration agreement that will be signed shortly with the San Donato Group to encourage the training of Libyan doctors - both in Italy and remotely - through digital tools made available by the group itself. The agreement also aims to send patients for oncology, cardiovascular and orthopaedic treatment to Italy. Contact between the Libyan Ministry of Health and the San Donato Group had already started this summer, given the state of the severe crisis in Libyan healthcare and following a ceasefire that ended the violence that has torn the country apart in recent years. GSD Vice President Kamel Ghribi stated "Italian healthcare is thus becoming a protagonist in strengthening the bilateral relationship between Italy country and Libya."