01 August 1995
Africa, Africa

Making responsible investments in Africa that protect African business interests have always been high in my priorities as an entrepreneur. I have tried to make sure that the myriad of investment opportunities I have explored or concluded over the years have brought benefit not only to investors but also to the individual nations in which we operate.

The African market is not always an easy market to gain access to, and forging trusting relationships are crucial to success, even at the most basic levels. My current concern as Chairman of GK Investment Holding Group, is to identify the obstacles that present the biggest challenges to long-term growth in the African nations where GK Investment Holding Group is operative. As we know, there is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ or a 'one size fits all’ solution, and this is why I have primarily concentrated my interests in North and Eastern African countries as these encompass our areas of experience and success.

Our holding aims to bridge the gaps we encounter, be they cultural, political, bureaucratic, or the simple transfer of useful information, that can prevent African businesses from reaching interested investors.

The means through which we try to do this is by working closely and in situ with our partner companies to facilitate everything from winning contract tenders to introducing potential investors to our African partners. I have great hope that this approach will prove to be successful and that I will live to see the transformation of the African economy and the unleashing of the huge potential that is already being gently tapped in the form of responsible investments.