21 November 2015
Moscow, Russia
2015 winter ball Charity Foundation gala dinner – Ritz Carlton hotel, Moscow

MOSCOW, 21st of November 2015: For the third consecutive year, Mr. Kamel Ghribi, was proud to lend his support to the Winter Ball Charitable Foundation. As in past years, Mr. Ghribi was both main sponsor and donor at the event.

Ever a firm believer in the importance of philanthropy and non-profit, unaffiliated fund raising, Mr. Ghribi believes that those who enjoy great success in business have a duty to use their sphere of influence to benefit those who need it most, regardless of creed, colour or provenance.

In the case of the Winter Ball Foundation, the funds raised will go towards supporting paediatric oncological research and the treatment of children who would otherwise never gain access to assistance. The distinguished patron of the18th edition of this internationally renowned cultural event was the Kuwaiti diplomatic mission in Russia. His Excellency Abdulaziz Al-Adwani addressed the gala ball, expressing his thanks and honour at having been selected as patron, and affirmed Kuwait’s advocacy of helping others on strictly humanitarian bases.

The current climate of tension and hostility, made this year’s event all the more pertinent, as it proved to the world the importance of projects that promote dialogue and peaceful co-existence between different cultures and beliefs. The Winter Ball is proof that understanding and harmony is not only possible, but also practised by the majority. Indeed, Mr. Kamel Ghribi used this unique event to highlight the necessity of presenting the Arab world abroad, through “positive contributions to counter prejudice." The fact that this year’s gala ball was attended by numerous Arab foreign ambassadors, diplomats, representatives of major banks and industrial conglomerates, presented an excellent opportunity to convey this important message.

As ever, everyone’s hard work and generous goodwill made for a most successful evening and goes to prove that the essence of charity is to bring people together in harmony for the greater good. To this end, Mr. Kamel Ghribi gathered very important people from Russia, France, Tunisia, USA, UAE, and the Sultanate of Oman, in support of the Winter Ball at the Ritz Carlton, Moscow; not only to promote peace, goodwill and harmony, but also through compassion, benefaction and the desire to support the most vulnerable elements of society in these difficult times when it would be so easy to forget.