01 August 1994
Libya, Libya
First visit to Libya during U.S and U.N Sanctions

Although U.S. and UN sanctions underwent a period of tightening from 1993 to 1998, behind the scenes diplomatic relations were arguably at their strongest.

Thus an invitation was extended to the U.S. to send a group of delegates on a mission to Libya. The aim of these low key talks were to try and work towards the termination of targeted sanctions in Libya through a commitment to cooperation and transparency.

The first official tentative steps towards the reconstruction of diplomatic ties took place in 1994 during a visit headed by Sheriff Bobby May, who was invited to visit Libya on a trip funded by Kamel Ghribi, as part of his desire to see the peaceful transition from embargo to prospering business relations in the North African nation.

The mission hoped to spearhead the process that would see the suspension of the sanctions regime imposed by the U.S. and U.N., which turned out to be one of the longest in post-Cold War history.

In the event, Sherriff May can be credited with taking the first tentative steps towards reconciliation, as he initiated the first real dialogue that would result in the reconstruction of diplomatic and thereafter, economic relations between the U.S. and Libya.